An Ultra with Roku Account – Efficient and Powerful Device for your Spectacular Homes

The Roku streaming player is a device that supports online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc using Roku account. Roku has introduced many devices like the Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere plus, Roku Express, Roku Express plus, Roku Ultra and the Roku Streaming Stick and Roku Streaming Stick+. The Roku Ultra device, the most attractive of all the aforementioned devices has HD, 4K, and HDR streaming capabilities. When you purchase the Roku Ultra kit, you’ll get the Roku Ultra device and a Roku remote. Also, along with that, you’d get a headset, a Roku adapter, and remote batteries. The HDMI cable, which you will need to connect the streaming player to your TV is not included. Hence, you should have a high speed HDMI cable handy so as to connect Roku to your TV.

The ports that the Roku Ultra device has includes,

An HDMI port

A Micro SD port

An Ethernet Cable port

An Optical Cable port

A USB port

The AC Adapter Cable port

Roku Ultra Accessories

Connecting the Roku Ultra streaming player to your TV

The foremost step is to link your Roku device to your Smart TV using high speed HDMI cables.

One end of the high speed HDMI cable will go into the available HDMI port on the TV. While the other end of the high-speed HDMI cable inserts into the HDMI port of the Roku device.

On your TV remote, find the button that says ‘input’ or ‘source’ and select ‘HDMI’. If there are multiple HDMI options, then select the option to which you connected the HDMI cable to.

Power on the Roku device after connecting the Roku’s AC adapter to a power source. When you see the ‘Roku’ logo on the TV screen, start pairing your remote.

Pairing the “Point Anywhere” remote to your Roku Ultra

Insert the batteries that you got into the slots on the Roku remote and close the cover. Usually, you would see a pairing prompt on your TV screen but if you don’t, then worry not.
When you remove the cover over the batteries on the Roku remote, you’ll see a pairing button. It’s this button that you should press for a few seconds until you see an LED light flashing.
Once you’re remote is paired to your Roku Ultra device, choose the language that you want to use.

Then, choose your country and then select either ‘Wired’ or ‘Wireless’ as per the connection type you want to establish.

Connecting a wired or wireless network to your Roku Ultra device

The Roku Ultra device supports both a wired as well as a wireless connection. In the event of you choosing the wired connection type, you should use an Ethernet cable. In case you choose the wireless connection type, then manually enter your home network’s username and password.

You can make use of Roku’s on-screen keyboard to do this and when the device connects, you’ll see green check marks next to making the connection to your wireless network, your local network, and the internet options. Immediately following this, you should activate Roku Ultra with the help of an activation code to sync your device with Roku Account.

Making use of the Roku activation code to link the Ultra device to account

You will infer when the Roku device connects to your network as it will automatically download new firmware. On the web page you will see a blank space for you to enter the Roku activation code you see on the TV screen. Enter the case sensitive Roku activation code on the webpage before you tap on ‘Submit’ to proceed.

Hereinafter, you’ll have to create a roku account if you do not already possess one. The forthcoming webpage will ask for your First and Last Name in order to set up your Roku account. Enter a strong password of your choice, to secure your Roku account, into the respective fields. Tapping on the submit option again, the next page will lead you to set up a PIN.

Link Roku to Account
Roku Enhanced “Point Anywhere” Remote

The Roku Enhanced “Point Anywhere” remote

The Ultra model of the Roku device comes along with an Enhanced “Point Anywhere” remote instead of the Standard IR remote that works of infrared. The ‘Point Anywhere’ remote, unlike its counterpart, has a pairing button that’s used to pair it over a wireless network.

Another feature of the ‘Point Anywhere’ remote is that, like the name suggests, you can point it anywhere. This entails that you can place the Roku Ultra players behind your TV or in a dedicated cupboard.

The available Roku Ultra models are,

  • Roku Ultra 4660R (Oct 2017)
  • Roku Ultra 4661R (Sep 2018)

How to watch Hulu with Live TV on Roku Ultra

Hulu is an online streaming service in which you can stream News, Music, Sports, Movies and TV shows. Hulu’s journey to began in 2007 and the company brands itself as providing over-the-top entertainment. The Hulu Live TV on Roku is a hub of over 60 channels where you can watch live TV. With a Hulu Live TV subscription on Roku Account, the channels that you get are,

  1. ABC,
  2. CBS,
  3. ABC News Live,
  4. CBSN,
  5. FOX,
  6. NBC,
  7. A&E,
  8. Animal Planet,
  9. Big Ten Network,
  10. Boomerang,
  11. Bravo TV,
  12. Cartoon Network,
  13. CBS Sports Network,
  14. Cheddar,
  15. CNN,
  16. CNBC,
  17. GoUSA.
  1. CNN International,
  2. COZI TV,
  3. The CW,
  4. Discovery Channel,
  5. Disney Channel,
  6. Disney Junior,
  7. Disney XD,
  8. ESPN,
  9. ESPN2,
  10. ESPNEWS,
  11. ESPN-U,
  12. Food Network,
  13. FOX Business,
  14. FOX NEWS Channel,
  15. FS1,
  16. FS2,
  17. Viceland.
  1. FreeForm,
  2. E!,
  3. FX,
  4. FXM,
  5. FXX,
  6. GOLF Channel,
  7. HGTV,
  8. The History Channel,
  10. MSNBC,
  11. Motor Trend,
  12. National Geographic,
  13. Nat Geo Wild,
  14. NBCSN,
  15. Oxygen,
  16. HLN,
  17. Travel Channel.
  1. SyFy,
  2. TBS,
  3. TLC,
  4. TNT,
  5. TruTV,
  6. Telemundo,
  7. Smithsonian Channel,
  8. Universal Kids,
  9. Pop TV,
  10. Olympic Channel,
  11. ESPN Bases Loaded,
  12. ESPN Goal Line,
  13. ESPN College Extra,
  14. Turner Classic Movies,
  15. Investigation Discovery,
  16. SEC ESPN,
  17. USA.

With this line up, the Hulu Live TV on Roku is one of the most sought after bundle package. Hulu has different packages that you can subscribe to and stream at the behest of your Roku Ultra streaming device.

The packages under Hulu can be classified into the following types,





Premium Hulu ‘Add On’ Networks and more options

In addition to these packages, you will get premium ‘add ons’ like HBO, Starz, SHOWTIME, and CINEMAX.

HBO add on is available for $14.99 while the CINEMAX add on is available for $9.99 a month.

The SHOWTIME ‘add on’ is available for $10.99 whereas the Starz ‘add on’ will cost you $8.99 a month.

On the Hulu with Live TV plan, you’ll be getting 50 hours of Cloud Digital Video Recording. If you want to increase DVR, then get the Enhanced Cloud DVR for $9.99 for an additional 200 hours.

With $9.99 a month subscription, streaming Hulu with Live TV on unlimited screens is possible.

If you want the Spanish channels, then get the Spanish ‘add on’ for $4.99 a month subscription.

There is also an Entertainment ‘add on’ package in which you’ll get American Heroes Channel, Destination America, CNBC World, Discovery Family, Cooking Channel, Discovery Life, DIY, Lifetime Movies, FYI, and Science channel for $7.99 a month.

The basic package, Hulu without the Live TV and with the ads is possibly the cheapest at $5.99/month.

How can one perform Hulu activate on the Roku Ultra device?

Activating the Hulu channel on Roku Ultra device is possible if you follow the forthcoming steps.

Before setting up the Roku Ultra over a network, link it to your Smart TV using a high-speed HDMI.

Search for Hulu from the Roku ‘Channel Store’ after going to the ‘Streaming Channels’ option from the ‘Home’ screen.

Discovering the Hulu channel app, add it to your ‘Home’ screen by selecting the ‘Add Channel’ option.

When the channel completes the installation process, select it again to get the channel activation code.

Now, on a supporting device like a PC or smartphone or laptop, access the website hulu.com/activate. Enter your Hulu account credentials and log in before you enter the Hulu channel activation code on the TV.

Post this, hit the submit button so that you can activate Hulu on your Roku Account.

Get yourself a Roku Ultra today and activate Hulu Live TV on Roku to stream the channel of your choice.

Activate Hulu on Roku