Roku is one of the best streaming devices having various device types for each and every one. Having devices like Roku express and Plus models, Roku 2, Roku 3 and Roku Streaming Stick Plus, you can pick according to your needs and TV Configurations. Supporting all your entertainment needs at a nominal cost, Roku Ultra can be the ultimate companion to your spare time. You have many channels on a field like Netflix, Sling, DirecTV, and HULU Live TV On Roku to entertain you on your spare time.

Hulu Tv

5 top features of Roku Ultra that make it the best

Roku Ultra can give your favorite series and entertainment an additional vivid look with its bright color resolution and HD look. Here are some of the best features of Roku Ultra and why you should buy them,

Let’s start with the main feature why Roku Ultra stands from the classic Roku devices,

Remote – Enhanced remote which has

  1. Private Listening Head Jack
  2. Voice Commander
  3. TV Control options
  • Gaming Buttons
  • Processor – Quad core
  • Lost remote finder
  • Resolution – 1080p, 4K HDR, HD, HDR10, (Differs according to your TV resolution)
  • Connectivity – Ethernet, Wireless
  • Audio – DTS Surround, Dolby, ATMOS through HDMI
  • USB Storage

Right from the third generation Roku devices, Roku Ultra has the Enhanced Remote (Point Anywhere), which makes it even more affable to more users.

How to Activate Roku Ultra on your TV – Outline

Prep all the necessities needed to start up tour TV and Roku like Wireless Network and credentials, Roku account credentials and Pay fees for top channels.

  • Plug in your Roku device on your TV HDMI Port, and connect the power cables to a power source outlet
  • Once the Roku device is fit in, the device logo pops up and you will be asked to select some configuration to have a smooth interface
  • Start up by giving in your suitable language and adaptable resolution to your TV
  • Then proceed on the Roku Ultra activation process by selecting your local network from the wireless list
  • Once you choose the wireless network, you will need to provide your Roku account credentials to explore the entire Roku Channel Store and its channel line-up.

You have options to stream from top-tier channels to the local channels that are popular in your area with your zip code given in.

Some of the famous applications that are on top-tier that would entertain you,

  1. Amazon Instant Video
  2. Vudu
  3. Netflix
  4. Hulu
  5. YouTube
  6. HBO Go and HBO Now
  7. Sling TV

Joining these, there are more private channels and free channels on the list to entertain you all day and night with specials, movies, series, etc. Over the list, Hulu tops the list with its on-demand video contents and Live TV service.

Best 10 movies and series that you shouldn’t miss this season on Hulu

  1. Batman Begins – March 1
  2. Dark Knight
  3. American Beauty
  4. JFK
  5. W.
  6. Fear the Walking Dead – 4
  7. Cardinal – 3
  8. Shrill – March 15
  9.  The Act – March 20
  10. American Idol – 2 Premiere
  11. Pretty Little Liars – The perfectionists – Premiere

Including these, there are more than 30 plus new movies and series titles on the list adding to this season. Hulu activate can get you all the top tier channels and other on-demand videos right to your Roku Ultra.

How to subscribe Hulu on Roku Ultra

Cost and Plans of Hulu

Giving you top tier channels like Fox, NBC, and ABC, here are some of the plans that you can choose upon according to your budget.

Starting of the Phase, Hulu has 7 seven plans that consist of ads and without ads starting from $ 6.

  1. Hulu On Demand – Ads – $5.99
  2. Without Ads – Hulu On demand – $11.99
  3. Hulu Live TV and On Demand –Ads – $34.99
  4. Without Ads – Hulu Live TV and On Demand – $50.99

Add-ons on Hulu, if you are a binge watcher

  1. Hulu Live TV – DVR Enhanced – $9.99
  2. Hulu Live TV – Unlimited Streams – $9.99
  3. Unlimited streams, DVR – Hulu Live TV – $14.99

On the process of Hulu activate, you can procure one-week free trial period to enjoy and allure the sneak peek of Hulu’s entertainment package.

Hulu activate on Roku Ultra within 3 steps

  • Search through the Movies and TV category and select Hulu from the list to add the channel to your Roku Feed
  • Tap the Add Channel on the description and try to sync the Roku device with the Hulu activation code displayed on the TV screen
  • Log in with your Hulu credentials from your portable device and give access to your Roku device by giving in the Hulu com activate code on Hulu/activate page

According to the plan, Hulu live TV Roku streaming has more than two to three screens, to stream at the same time. Customize according to your favorable pack and enjoy Hulu Live TV Roku right from your home.

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