Privacy Policy

Our website requests users to provide private and personal information that categorically identifies you, your address and even financial details. By using the site, you automatically agree that you will give such information whenever required. Additionally, we also collect data from your browser in the form of ‘Cookies’.  This is inclusive of your browser type, IP address, date and time of your visit and statistics pertaining to your visit on other pages. We also use third party services such as Google Analytics to gather and analyze your visit data. Your personal information may also be used to send you relevant communication about our site, and likewise promotional and marketing materials, etc. for your benefit. We also know how important your personal information is and therefore use various methods to store and secure it through commercially acceptable ways. Finally, this Privacy Policy is subject to change and any changes that may happen in the future will be duly communicated to you through this policy or via email, as the case may be. The website and its authorities reserve all the rights to such changes and it is up to the user to look for these changes from time to time. For any doubts, you can call us on the number provided on the website.