New voice search attribute – Roku Voice Search Feature

Control your Roku player using the new Roku voice search feature. The Roku Enhanced Remote comes with a microphone. You can use casual phrases to express and view the content that you desire. You can also download the Roku mobile app to use the voice search feature. The attribute is currently available in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. As for the Roku mobile app, it is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and you can find it in the respective play stores. In addition to helping you search for your preferred content, the voice feature also lets you transfer personal videos, photos and other content on to your TV. Besides, you can also watch videos privately by plugging in your headphones.

roku voice search feature

The enhanced remote

Roku’s enhanced remote is slightly different. While other standard remotes come with a small magnifying glass icon, the enhanced remote comes with a ‘microphone’ button. You just have to press and speak into the remote to launch your option. With the Roku Voice Search feature, you can search for your favorite content with a specific title, actor, director, and genre or directly launch a streaming channel.

Roku mobile app voice search

To use the Voice Search on your mobile, tap on the icon that represents ‘Channels’ and then look at the bottom of the screen for the ‘What’s On’ option. A magnifying glass appears to allow access to the search function. Instead of typing your request, press and hold the ‘microphone’ button in front of you and speak the commands. For the first time, you will have to grant permission to use the microphone for a voice search. Use normal volume to speak into the device and once you have finished speaking tap into the middle of the screen. The app will display your request once it has processed the commands. You will receive a list on your mobile.

The microphone

You can use the enhanced remote also in more or less the same way. The remote should be held face up on the palm of your hand. Place the speaker mic at least six inches away from your mouth. Here too, press the microphone button down till you finish speaking your choice. Release the button once you have finished and your choices will appear on the screen.

Difference between the standard and enhanced remotes

The main difference between the standard IR remote and the enhanced remote is the ‘magnifying glass’ button, which is actually the voice search button. You just have to enable the Voice Search utility by holding this button down and asking Roku for your choice.

Setup your Roku

Setup your wireless network on your Roku, update the software and auto-detect your display type. Finally, check your remote settings and you will notice that the TV’s volume and power can also be controlled with the remote. When you check the settings for the Roku, it will ask you to hear if the music is playing. Just follow all the prompts and answer them until you get a ‘Success’ message. Activate your Roku with the help of the code that appears on the TV. Enter the code on to finally activate the device.