The New Roku Wireless Speakers

It is only due to a combination of technological advancements that the modern TV is able to provide streaming videos and audios at the press of a button. Thanks to advanced TV displays we have more content options today and we are only looking for better and better in terms of experience. Flat-panel televisions have never been conducive to the booming audio. As a result, sound quality has always suffered. Or so, we thought, until the new Roku Wireless Speakers arrived.

The New Roku Wireless Speakers

The New Roku Wireless Speakers

Roku and the wireless speakers

Roku forayed into the streaming device industry for so long that it has now earned its ‘veteran’ tag. They have always been known for their versatile sticks, boxes, and TVs, but the recent introduction is rather mind-blowing. These are the new Roku wireless speakers that are compatible with Roku TVs. Harnessing the Roku Connect platform, these first set of speakers can work with the Roku-powered smart TV over the Wi-Fi. While the goal is not to compete with high-end home theatre providers, these speakers will be the default option available on your Smart Roku TVs.

The acquisition that helped a lot

Last year, Roku acquired the Danish audio startup Dynastorm for about $3.15 million and has been able to leverage the company’s experience in the wireless audio industry. Roku’s touch remote and TV voice remote added to the technological experience.


  • The Roku Wireless Speakers provide fuller sounds than that of the usual TV speakers.
  • Movie clips resonate better audio and music range, especially with low-end media
  • They are very simple to use and fulfill the goals of offering less complicated entertainment and an enhanced experience
  • Plug in the speakers and press ‘connect’ for the speakers to connect wirelessly over the existing Roku
  • If you wish to play music from your computer or phone, then it also has a Bluetooth option
  • As of this blog, the gadgets are priced at around $199 and may even have a reduced offer price. For accurate pricing check website.

Latency Problems

The operating system runs on both the TV and the speakers. This way Roku has eliminated latency issues and the two devices can seamlessly communicate with each other. The audio and video remain synced at all times. Especially, gaming cannot function with latency. At this time, the system switches over automatically to use the built-in TV speakers.

New remote

Compatible with any Roku-based television model produced since 2014, Roku Wireless Speaker bundles come with the new TV Voice Remote. This controls both the speakers and the TV through the Wi-Fi. Additionally, it is also equipped with the new battery-powered voice remote control called the Roku Touch. For voice commands, there is the press-and-hold design, preset programmable buttons and playback controls also through buttons. Use the push-to-talk remote functionality to express your commands. The touch remote comes with several preset buttons that you can configure to accomplish a particular command or load a playlist.

The bundle

Along with the Roku TV wireless speakers, you will also get

  1. Two speakers
  2. A Roku TV Voice Remote
  3. The Roku Touch tabletop remote
  4. Two power cables
  5. Four AAA batteries

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